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Health and Nutritional Consultations


Health consultations are based on the following holistic systems. Ayurveda (meaning "Science of Life" -  over 5000 years old), Pranayama (A system of deep breathing & yoga), Your Individual Blood Type, and Nutritional Assessment. If you have specific health conditions or questions, they can be addressed on an individual bases. All consultations can take place online or over the phone. All communications are kept strictly confidential.


Psychotherapy and Spiritual Counseling

Quite often as individuals we suffer from emotional and mental problems. These problems may arise through personal and professional relationships, work or family and potential crisis. Depression, loneliness, addictions and lack of self confidence are all symptoms that affect us deeply. Sometimes we have questions about our purpose on earth, the law of karma, spiritual growth and suffering. Get consultations from a professional who is certified in both psychotherapy as well as spiritual counseling. All consultations can take place online or over the phone. All communications are kept strictly confidential.



The Power of Reiki

Reiki means Universal Life Energy. It is a simple, hands-on energy therapy, which allows the healer to access this life energy, channel it and direct it in healing. This energy vitalizes and balances us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Who should use it?

Reiki can be used to treat any condition. It often relieves pain and acute symptoms quickly and accelerates the natural healing process. Reiki is effective for treating conditions such as depression, migraines, digestive disorders, sinusitis, inflammatory diseases, arthritis and back pain. It strengthens the immune system, clears toxins, removes blockages and reduces stress. Reiki can help facilitate personal, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. 

Experience a unique distant healing in the comfort of your home. Distant healing can quite often be much more powerful than a hands on healing. This is a special healing technique that takes time to master

"I have a keen interest in alternative methods of healing and in spiritual growth. I have been to Mohmood for hands on Reiki and distant healing. I was very aware of the moment Mohmood commenced distant healing and when the session ended. For me, Reiki is something to be experienced but not to be described for each Reiki session brings a different experience. If I had to describe it I would say it brings an emotional and mental calmness which in turn has helped me physically by improving my energy levels. I enjoyed the Reiki experience so much that I went to him to become a certified Reiki practitioner. Also, Mohmood's wellness workshops have been helpful in learning different types of meditation techniques and yoga breathing." 

Jaswir Dhanji - Registered Nurse


Hypnosis & Past Life Regression Therapy 

Quite often we can be suffering from problems that do not respond to traditional methods of treatment. Hypnosis can be used to treat various problems of the body and mind. It is quite possible that we can be suffering from problems that are a result of our past lives. Regression therapy is currently being used by health professionals when no other forms of therapy have been successful. This treatment quite often gives great results!


Professional Relaxation Therapy and Meditation 

Meditation and relaxation techniques are used to release stress, tension, emotional blockages, to overcome depression and negative thoughts. They are great tools to develop self confidence, cope with stress from work and family problems. We make use of various therapies including guided imagery, visualization techniques and progressive relaxation therapy. Meditation teaches us to move energy within the body to reach a higher level of awareness, experience relaxation, peace, joy, bliss and altered states of consciousness. We offer meditation classes and workshops where we focus on the importance and function of the seven chakras (major energy centers within us). Conscious relaxation allows us to release emotional blocks that stand in the way of healing.


The Complete Life Changing Program For Health, Happiness and Balance

This is a unique and comprehensive program that includes several different holistic models. It is based on the principles that each person's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual qualities are unique and therefore each person has to be given an individualized approach to Health, Happiness and Balance. Each person's foods, eating habits, personality, character, food intolerances, immune system, type of exercise and level of understanding varies. This unique program shows you how to make small but highly effective changes in every area of your life.

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"Book of Wisdom - A Simple Book For spiritual Growth"


This book is based on the concept of simplicity. Simple language and concepts are used to focus on various areas of personal and spiritual growth

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