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Distant Energy Healing

"Miracles do not happen in contradiction to Nature, but only in contradiction to that which is known to us in Nature."

St. Augustine

Energy Healing, like any other energy, can be sent from a distance. Distant Energy Healing is one technique that can be used in balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit. It can also be helpful in treating all types of conditions such as: physical ailments, emotional distress and depression, mental issues, energy blockages and ultimately can help you achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness. 

This powerful and simple healing is available at anytime. It doesn't require much, you could be anywhere in the world and achieve phenomenal results. In fact, sometimes the results can be even better than hands on healing (see our client testimonials below). The beauty of this type of healing is that it has no boundaries, distance is not a barrier!

Experience a distant energy healing in the comfort of your own home. Imagine sitting in your own room (or anywhere else for that matter) and receiving a powerful Energy Healing. You do not have to make an appointment or travel to come for a session. All you have to do is sit in a quiet place at home and get ready for the energy transmission at the specified time. The more prepared you are for this session, the more benefits you will experience. If you are open to receiving healing energy you will be very pleased and surprised by the results.

This powerful distant healing therapy is being offered at an affordable price of $30.00 for four sessions. Each session is half an hour and it will take place on Tuesday from 9-9:30 pm. You can also sign up a friends and family members to receive these distant energy healings. The average cost for one Energy Healing session can be anywhere from $40-70, (plus travelling expenses and time). We are offering this special price so it can be affordable and accessible for all.  Not to mention cost effective and convenient.  

We would like to share some testimonials with you from our clients regarding distant energy healing experiences, please see below.

Client Testimonials

I would like to share my experiences with distant healing from Mohmood.  But first I would like to tell you that I have understudy methods of healing and spiritual growth for over two years. The 1st time I experienced distant healing I instantly felt the energy.  It went to parts of my body where I had problems and the energy stayed at those areas during the whole session.  I also experienced a floating feeling, like my spirit body came out and was floating above me.  It was amazing!  Each time I had an overall relaxing feeling and after receiving the healings from Mohmood I slept wonderfully.  The results didn't stop there either.  I felt the effects for days such as tingling, the pain in my elbow and neck left me which was bothering me for weeks, overall contempt and very grounded. I was so impressed with my results that I asked Mohmood to do distant healing on my grandmother in Nova Scotia who was in the hospital with kidney failure and dementia.  Within 3 to 4 days her state of mind came back to what it was before she went into the hospital and the doctors told us that her kidneys had improved.  I have sent other friends of mine to Mohmood and they are very appreciative in addition to being very grateful of the experiences and clarity they have had with him.

Mohmood, you bring clarity, integrity and truth to all that you do.  You are a very gifted person and I am so glad that I have met you. 



... I also had a distant healing from Mohmood and actually felt his thumbs in the sides of my head. Afterwards I found myself having better sleeps at night and experienced having a "lighter" feeling about myself. I started an on line course last year and felt very overwhelmed most of the time. I asked Mohmood if he could send me distant healing when I wrote my 4 tests and I am happy to say that not only did I score 100% on all 4 tests I also received 100% on the entire course...
I feel very blessed that my path has crossed with Mohmood's and he continues to inspire me to achieve my goals within the healing profession.
Bonnie Anderson R.N S.A.N.E.

I have a keen interest in alternative methods of healing and in spiritual growth. I have been to Mohmood for hands on Reiki and distant healing. I was very aware of the moment Mohmood commenced distant healing and when the session ended. For me, Reiki is something to be experienced but not to be described for each Reiki session brings a different experience. If I had to describe it I would say it brings an emotional and mental calmness which in turn has helped me physically by improving my energy levels. I enjoyed the Reiki experience so much that I went to him to become a certified Reiki practitioner. Also, Mohmood's wellness workshops have been helpful in learning different types of meditation techniques and yoga breathing.

Jaswir Dhanji - Registered Nurse   


"Dear Mohmood,  Thank you for taking the time to send some distance healing.  I could feel the energy in my knee almost immediately.  It was a mix between a swirling of energy inside my knee and a massage of the ligaments, muscle and tissue.  It felt very soothing and alleviated some of the aching and stiffness.  The energy spread through my leg towards the end and left a warm tingling feeling."