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What is Energy Transformation Meditation?


Energy Transformation Meditation (ETM) is a unique concept that can help to transform every aspect of one’s life. Through ETM one can improve health on all levels and ultimately achievphysical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and wellbeing. This progracombines various holistic therapies to enhance its effectiveness including: Meditation, Reiki, the use of Chakras (energy centers within us), ProgressivRelaxation, Guided Visualizations, and Deep Breathing Techniques.


ETM is a unique combination of simple dynamic meditations and universal energy therapy. It allows each person to transform themselves as well as others. What distinguishes ETM from other systems is that it teaches you how to first become familiar with your own energies and then, how to use your own unique energy most effectively for both meditation and therapeutic purposes.


How do you do it?

Energy Transformation Meditation encourages you to do a simple dynamic meditation before you perform energy therapy on yourself and others. The reason for this is to ensure that your own energy centers, known as chakras, are open and flowing freely without any blockages in order to provide optimal therapy. If you are experiencing significant energy blockages within you, this can affect your ability to send energy therapy to others. The blockages include: stress, worry, anxiety, anger, fear, personal conflicts, trauma, depression and other emotional or mental blockages to name a few. Everyone experiences challenges in life and some on a daily basis. There are blockages within each of us.  A simple dynamic meditation can help clear blockages and encourage your energy to flow more freely. This will also help you to feel more relaxed and prepared for energy therapy.

The simple and powerful techniques used in this program are subtle hand positions to connect with the aura, chakras and spirit. This is what separates ETM from other models. It is a very powerful combination of meditation and universal energy that makes it a unique dual therapy for personal transformation as well as providing or sending energy therapy to others. 

Another great feature of ETM is that it eliminates the need for physical touch. This method may be more comfortable for the person giving the energy therapy as well as the receiver as it allows them to maintain a professional distance with each other. In some cases and cultures this is preferred. Also, there is no equipment required and no need to purchase expensive massage tables or benches with this simple method.

What are the benefits?

This program provides multiple benefits on all levels. The most significant benefit of this program is that it teaches the individual to focus on self-transformation as well as sending energy therapy to others. ETM provides an amazing vehicle for releasing tension and stress.  It allows the individual to naturally release harmful thoughts and emotions like anger, fear, jealousy and despondency. Similarly, energy therapy also helps to remove blockages from the body, mind and emotions, optimizing physical health and spiritual balance. Meditation increases energy levels by improving your breathing capacity and increasing healthy circulation. It is common to have expansive spiritual experiences leading to the achievement of increasing levels of consciousness.

Everyone knows somebody who is in need of energy therapy; it may be a spouse, parents, siblings, children, friends or even colleagues.  Distance is not a barrier and the individual doesn’t have to be in the same room as the recipient for them to have an effective therapy session.  Energy Therapy can be done on pets, animals, plants, small groups of people, communities, a country or even the whole globe.

Energy Transformation Meditation is a great way to nurture your relationship with someone you love. By exchanging energy, you, your partner or loved ones can open to learn more about one another and experience an even deeper, more intimate and spiritual connection that would otherwise remain unknown. This is a great program for couples, families and friends who want to transform with one another; growing spiritually together while enhancing the countless beautiful attributes of their relationship. 

Energy Transformation Meditation - Certification Program

These are online, distance learning programs that are accessible to anyone around the world!

Energy Transformation Meditation has four levels, starting from the basic meditations and healings and progressing to the most advanced. Each of the four levels will include a unique guided distance attunement! Attunements are energy transmissions that help open our energy centers, remove blockages, and help balance our Body, Mind & Spirit. It also includes a manual, videos, simple exercises and upon completion of the program, a certificate. The following is a brief description of what is offered in each level. 

LEVEL 1 – Simple dynamic meditations and energy therapy

Each person will receive a level 1 manual that explains the basic concepts of energy transformation meditation. There will be a brief introduction on the importance of meditation and how beneficial it is on all levels. Each person will receive a unique level 1 guided distance attunement.  You will also receive several videos that offer a level 1 dynamic meditation, guided relaxation therapy, and guided energy healing techniques. This program includes a Level 1 ETM certificate.

Level 2 – The Five Bodies of a Human

Each Person will receive a level 2 manual that explains the concept of The Five Bodies of a Human. There are five major aspects to each human being. These are the Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Astral Body and Spiritual Body. We will take a closer look at all these individual components. Most of us seem to focus on the first three bodies but through meditation and energy therapy we can become conscious of our astral and spiritual bodies.  Each person will receive a unique guided distance level 2 attunement. You will also receive videos that offer dynamic level 2 meditations, guided relaxation therapy, and guided energy therapy techniques. This program includes a Level 2 ETM certificate.

Level 3 – Awakening Your Inner Consciousness

Each person will receive a level 3 manual that explains a deeper level of awakening. We can use the basic knowledge of therapy models and meditation as the beginning of a process. This process eventually merges into your own unique, one of a kind therapy meditation. No two individuals on this planet are alike. There is no need to emulate or mechanically follow others. Each person has a unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual constitution. This program teaches you to listen to your own voice from within and encourages your unique consciousness to blossom! Each person will receive a unique guided distance level 3 attunement. You will also receive videos that offer dynamic level 3 meditations, guided relaxation therapy, and guided energy therapy techniques. This program includes a level 3 ETM certificate.

Level 4 – The Divine Heart

Each person will receive a level 4 manual that focuses on the heart. The heart has many different layers starting from the physical and going deeper to emotional, spiritual and divine. We will take a look at some quotations from various enlightened masters who have specifically referred to the divine heart. Each person will receive a unique guided distance level 4 attunement. You will also receive videos that offer dynamic level 4 heart meditations, guided relaxation therapy, and guided energy therapy techniques. This program includes a Level 4 ETM certificate. 

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